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« on: November 10, 2017, 07:50:21 PM »
Crusaders must avenge one of their own if they die and must kill the person who killed them

King:Leader of crusaders and is a killing role.(guaranteed every round if their is crusaders)
Knight:Guard of the king and kills for the king (Guaranteed like king)
Cavalry:The chauffeur but has 5 uses (Crusader support)
Poser:The Identity Thief but like Cavalry has 5 uses (Crusader deception)
Doctor:Heals a member that is attacked if they are not protected by guard(Crusader Support)
Hunter:Finds roles that do actions for the Crusaders(Crusader Investigation)
Berzerker:makes the target run and blocks them from doing their action (Crusader Support)
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« Reply #1 on: December 28, 2017, 02:08:19 PM »
These roles are just a group of buffed villains, and the Berzerker is just a mistress.

 And what does the hunter's ability mean? "Finds roles that do actions for the Crusaders". What does that even mean?
If it just finds a person's role, (which would make it a rehash of the stalker), then why can't you just say "Finds someone's role each night"? If it only finds role's that do actions, can it not find a camper or a goth, etc.?

These roles are all rehashes of the villain roles. Just a group of buffed villains. If you are going to add a whole new faction, don't have it be just a stronger version of an existing one.
Don't listen to that text above. The guy who wrote it is a complete idiot.